We are fascinated by the current means of communication, expecially the internet, as a medium connecting millions of people, without borders, visas or currency.Nonprofessionally and as a public service, without outside financing and sponsors we wish to make access to following information easier for you: Diverse databases, timetables, flight schedules, hotel reservations, press, literature, professional and hobby knowledge. Exchange of information within minutes, discussion groups, meeting one another without censorship and foreign influences.
These advantages of the internet have brought about our decision to prepare a guide to the "POLONIA of the WORLD" and to integrate our several million strong community.Since March 1998 we are posting regularly all relevant information concerning the Polonia community.We are introducing LINKs on various other topics related to polish living as well as other useful services sought after by internet users.
Our goal is to make the browsing of our pages intuitive and searching for information easier.
We are ready for any kind of cooperation, grateful for any criticism as well as praise. We are addressing webmasters and providers in particular to include links to our site, placing links to their sites in return.
The preparation of data in the current form involves hundreds of hours in front of the computer, tens of faxes and phone calls. Everyone is invited to help in further enhancing our site. We wish you enjoyment in browsing our pages and perusing the information. We hope you find our pages entertaining and useful,
Zbyszek Kostecki (Germany)                                                                                                       

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